Commercial Collection Process

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What we offer

Free Ten-Day Demand Letters:

The collection process begins with your request for action to Sterling Credit Adjustors. We have created a list of Collection tips to give insight into the collection process and how to manage your accounts receivables.  Sterling sends a letter to your customer demanding payment within 10 days.  Sterling Credit uses the leverage of Sterling West Credit Corp’s name to get paid prior to listing any account for Collection. Simply advise us who and how much you are owed and we'll do the rest. Please read our article on Improving Collection results.

Payment Directly To You

The demand letter requests that the debtor pays the complete amount owing directly to you within 10 days. Please inform us immediately if you receive the complete amount.  If you are paid, no further action is necessary and there is no cost to you.

Debt Collection

After 10 days if the account is not paid, we will proceed for Debt Collection. About Collections.

Country-wide and International Debt Collections:

We have affiliations countrywide and can even assist with international debt recovery accounts.

Legal Remedies

We offer complete Small Claims and Queen's Bench legal service for your delinquent accounts. We can maximize legal Debt Recovery by ensuring that proper asset investigation is completed prior to commencing Legal Action. Should your Lawyers efforts fail to uncover any assets after judgment, we can provide post judgment asset investigation.