About Collections

Debtors pay their bills when they understand that not paying the bill will be more expensive, or damaging, than paying.  When they do not pay you, and you send the account to Sterling Credit Adjustors, the debtor runs the risk of a damaged credit rating and it can affect their reputation within the business community and hamper their ability to get credit. Other vendors may choose not to do business with a company that is on the record as not paying their bills. When a company receives a demand letter from Sterling collections, they recognize that it is in their best interest to choose to pay immediately and maintain their credit rating.   Improve your collection results by following these simple tips.

When your client pays you as a result of our first demand letter (and most clients do), you maintain that all-important good relationship with your customer. Our collection services drastically reduce your internal workload, boost your cash-flow and reduce your bad debt write-offs to a minimum.

Sterling Credit Adjustors has developed a proven collection system which provides industry leading results, providing you the best chance of recovering your delinquent debts as quickly as possible.