Collection Tips

When you send the invoice information to Sterling Credit adjustors, be sure that all the information is accurate and complete.  Include, as a minimum, the debtors company name, contact name, complete address, phone number, email, fax, and the debt amount, including interest.

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Sending collection letters is an art. We need to anticipate what the customer is going to do and be ready for anything. We  have to stay in control of the action.

Having us send a demand letter to your customer has some advantages. They are:

  • Inexpensive--compared to personal visits and individually typed letters from your company.  In fact, we do not charge you for the initial demand letter.
  • Immediate--often produces some sort of answer the moment the letter is received
  • Informative--presents the necessary information to your customer and allows them to take appropriate action.
  • Flexible--approach can be varied as changing situations demand.

Consider these tips when developing your collection strategy:

  • Create a tracking system. Develop a payment-tracking system that alerts you of overdue payments. The sooner you're aware of late payments, the sooner you can take action. Consider utilizing software specifically designed to track payments or consult Sterling Credit Adjustors for suggestions about how to get started.
  • Follow a strict protocol for late payments. With your tracking system in place, create a contract delineating clear payment guidelines so there is no room for client misinterpretations. Ask your clients to sign the agreement before providing your products or services. Have a letter outlining the consequences of a missed payment ready to mail, and follow up with a phone call to the client in case a payment becomes late. A phone call reinforces the importance of prompt payment and may provide you with additional insight about why the payment is late.
  • Contact Sterling Credit Adjustors immediately to  begin collection action when an invoice passes 30 days without being paid. The sooner you call, the sooner we can begin collection action and the more likely you are to receive payment.