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Free Collection Demand Letter Free Ten-Day Demand Letters: Use the leverage of Sterling's Name to get paid prior to listing any account for Debt Collection. Simply advise us who and how much you are owed and we'll do the rest. After 10 days if the account is not paid, we will proceed for Collection. See Collection Tips for the information we require to proceed.
Commercial Collection services Collection Service On Individual Commercial Accounts: Sterling Credit will collect from any business from individuals to small proprietorships to large corporations.  Commercial collections is a specialized branch of debt collection.
Commercial Collection Rates Special Rates: If you have a large number of accounts to liquidate, or any large dollar balance, call us so we can quote a preferential rate.
Collection letter writing Commercial Collection Letter Writing Service: This service allows you to increase the number and frequency of debtor contacts while maintaining existing staff levels. This service is best suited to companies that have a large number of smaller dollar balances. We are your debt recovery solution; we send the collection letter to your deliquent account, and when it comes from us, this is often enough to effect the collection of debt.
commercial debt collection services Outsourcing Services: We offer various debt collection services designed to provide the benefits of extra staff without the overhead of increased staffing and related costs.
Canada wide and international commercial debt collection Country-wide and International Debt Collection We have affiliations countrywide and can even assist with debt recovery from international accounts.
Collection legal remedies Legal Remedies: We offer complete Small Claims and Queen's Bench legal service. We can maximize legal Debt Recovery by ensuring that proper asset investigation is completed prior to commencing Legal Action. Should your Lawyer's efforts fail to uncover any assets after judgment, we can provide post judgement asset investigation and judgement recovery.
Collection geographical Collection geographical Coverage: No matter where your debtors are located we can help. We have working arrangements with correspondents World Wide. We are not common bill collectors, we provide commercial debt recovery for all sizes of deliquent accounts.